Quick Guide to the 3 Most Common Types of Auto Accidents

Upset driver After Traffic Accident

Car accidents are a regular and severe occurrence. Between the relief to still be alive (or the shock the victim’s family feels when a car crash is fatal) most people don’t consider that they might be owed due compensation when they suffer because of someone else’s negligence. Just because you’re in a car doesn’t mean that personal injury no longer applies; with the costs associated with a car accident, from extended physical therapy and car replacement costs through to loss of income and severe physical and mental anguish, it pays to know that there are personal injury possibilities in each of the three major types of auto accidents.

1. Single Vehicle Accidents May Still Be Negligence

The first kind of accident and thankfully the most common is single vehicle accident. When most people think of think of accident they don’t think to call an injury lawyer in Etobicoke because they don’t think it could be due to negligence. Most single vehicle injuries and accidents result from driver error; backing into a post, taking a turn too quickly, or not accounting for weather conditions are all common examples of driver fault single vehicle crashes. They aren’t the only causes, however. A single vehicle accident may be grounds for a personal injury case when it’s due to the negligence of mechanics or other service employees. A mechanic who misaligns the brakes could be responsible for their failure. Other cases of negligence include blocking, breaking, or cluttering a public road so that it becomes unsafe to travel.

2. The Fender Bender and Minor Dings

The simple fender bender isn’t that simple when you find yourself up against an accident with more than two parties involved. In an eight car pile up, who’s at fault? Whichever car pulled up to the intersection last? Portioning out responsibility in a case like that can be very difficult, and getting a lawyer on your side ASAP can mean the difference between a smooth litigation process and your settlement being up in limbo for months while it drags through the courts.

Of course, the key in any fender bender is pictures, pictures, pictures. You should photograph all damage done to yourself, your car, and the other party(ies) person and car. You don’t want anyone to take advantage of the situation to claim more than they are due. Also make sure that you get medical attention immediately, even if you think that your injuries are minor; establishing a medical record ASAP is essential.

3. The Insurance Scam Act

Etobicoke personal injury lawyers are very familiar with insurance scams. You should be as well; often these are staged accidents that you had no hope of avoiding, but still are posed to land you in hot water. Don’t be taken for a ride; get a lawyer on your side as soon as possible to help you assess the true damages (if any) and watch for signs of a scam, such as a mildly injured party upping the claims of their injuries.