Wrongful Death

The most painful type of personal injury litigation is wrongful death suits. Losing a loved one is a devastating time for a family which is only made uglier and more painful by the process of exacting compensation. You can be assured that all wrongful death claims are treated with the utmost respect, compassion, and solemnity. For an injury lawyer, Etobicoke wrongful death cases are mercifully rare—but when they occur it’s very important to get the claim process started quickly.

Wrongful death stresses the victim’s family in two ways: first, there’s the mental anguish. The grief, stress, potential trauma, and loss of quality of life are all very real damages that come from a wrongful death. On the other hand, a family that was previously comfortable could now be in dire financial straits. Long term medical care that still resulted in eventual death can be expensive. On top of that there is loss of income, and fees and expenses that come with a funeral and other memorial services. If the victim left debts these may now fall upon their family, who is still reeling from the financial burdens above. In these cases timely litigation and a good injury law firm in Etobicoke could be the difference between coping and utter financial ruin.

What constitutes a wrongful death? Any death that resulted from wrongful actions or negligence on the part of another person is a candidate for a wrongful death case. This could include a car accident where the driver of the responsible vehicle was intoxicated behind the wheel, or it could mean a product that (when used in a supposedly safe and responsible way by the victim) resulted in their death. There can also be wrongful death cases in situations where a hospital or specific doctor provided misdiagnosis or mistreatment for an illness. This extends beyond surgical errors (though they spring to mind) through to anything such as exposing a weak patient to an infection or repeatedly misdiagnosing someone based on incomplete tests or misreading a scan.

Wrongful death cases can be difficult to handle because they depend on the victim’s family being able to come up with enough evidence. A respected and trustworthy Etobicoke personal injury lawyer is an absolute necessity for navigating the complex waters of wrongful death litigation and arriving at the just outcome. While it is always a tragedy to attend to such cases, we make it a priority to treat our clients with respect and compassion during this difficult time.