Work-related Injuries

Work-related injuries are the triple threat that personal injury lawyers in Etobicoke see most often. For injury lawyers, Etobicoke’s businesses are too full of negligent owners trying to save a little money or get a little more work from their employees. A work-related injury places the victim under the stress of potentially losing their job, the financial stress of lost wages or experience, and the physical pain of their injury.

Too many people have to worry about losing their job after they’ve been injured at work. Their employer knows that they were injured, but they still have to worry because they’re not going to work—even though they would be at work if not for unsafe conditions and their employer’s negligence. This is a job that has just caused them pain and created a very real problem in their life, but they’re worried that they’re not going to be able to come back to it when and if they heal. This is a financial and mental burden that can be grounds for compensation in and of itself. Working with qualified Etobicoke personal injury lawyers means that you know that your rights as a worker are protected.

Lost wages or the loss of a career are a real and present danger, especially to vocational jobs that depend on physicality. Someone who suffered a back injury and has a job where lifting and carrying is important might not ever be able to do that job again. Even if physical therapy can help them get their day to day life back, some things might be beyond them forever. In that case, they’re going to have to change careers. Finding the money for additional education or training in another field could be very costly, especially when they’re looking at a loss of wages for weeks or months before they’re even recovered enough to attempt to work again.

Lastly, the physical pain of the injury must not be overlooked. Whether it’s a spinal vertebra out of place due to too much heavy lifting, a very serious burn due to a faulty stove at a bakery, or slipping and falling due to unlisted and unexpected maintenance on the building you work at, the physical pain of a work-related injury cannot be forgotten about. The victim is suffering a loss that is only compounded by the presence of severe financial loss and an uncertain future. This triple-threat makes work-related injuries so difficult to handle on your own.