Slip & Fall

Slip and fall injuries are among the most difficult to prepare for. Anytime you’re walking down the sidewalk, on poorly maintained personal property, or even browsing quietly in an upscale Etobicoke grocery store you could be around the corner from a devastating slip and fall injury. Because there are so few ways to prepare yourself for them, slip and fall injuries often catch individuals and families without a plan for weathering the recovery period.

Before you dismiss slip and fall accidents as serious, know that they can account for as many as 16,000 deaths per year. Victims who survive can be faced with long term struggles and issues. Some of the most common results of a slip and fall accident are broken bones, strained muscles, and pinched nerves. While many of these conditions will heal naturally in time, someone who permanently injures their spine or hips during a slip and fall injury could face the rest of their life with these issues present.

Slip and fall injuries can happen many areas. Some of the most common involve poorly maintained private walkways and unmarked wet floors. These things can lead someone, especially an older person or someone whose bones are naturally more brittle, to sustain serious harm. They’re not the only way slip and fall injuries can occur, however; things like debris in a stairwell can cause serious trauma and can be very easily linked to the negligence on the part of whoever made that mess. Property owners, construction companies, and even the government (in the event that a negligently, poorly maintained public walkway was the cause of the injury) can all be culprits.

When people in Etobicoke look for a personal injury lawyer capable of taking their case they have to think long-term with slip and fall injuries. When thinking of a personal injury lawyer, Etobicoke doesn’t always spring to mind. It’s very important to get a local law firm when mobility might be an issue; picking a local firm can make all the difference in the ease with which you settle your case.

Claims based on a slip and fall injury are often leveled against corporations and individuals, not insurance companies. This makes it even more important to contact an Etobicoke personal injury law firm, because you’re not negotiating with an insurance company: you’re going head to head in court, and you’re going to want the experience of an established law firm on your side.