Bicycle Accidents

Bicyclists are in a dangerous position on the road each and every day. Though they are legally allowed to share the road, and even though many bicyclists are dedicated to sticking to bike lanes whenever possible, many drivers display a shocking negligence in their dealings with man powered bikes. It’s enough to scare a lot of people away from biking to work even though they’d love to get the exercise in. This is because bicyclists are almost always the victims in any sort of bike accident.

As a personal injury law firm, Etobicoke based bicyclists have our respect and our sympathy because the roads really are quite dangerous when others don’t pay attention or obey the law. As Etobicoke personal injury lawyers, we’ve seen a whole range of injuries due to a car driver failing to share the road. For bicyclists, an accident involving a car is rarely something that they’re going to walk away from. The injuries can range from the relatively minor to the most sever. Broken bones are common, especially in the limbs and ribs. Even with proper helmets, concussions and traumatic brain injuries can occur. Internal bleeding, nerve damage, and even the loss of limbs is not unheard of for biking accidents.

Though a car/bicycle collision is the most common form of bicycle accident in Etobicoke it still stands to be said that there are other accidents. Typically they involve faulty maintenance of bike paths or trails, or the negligent failure to clean up a bike path or trail by someone doing construction work and similar activities. Anything that leaves the path unsafe for travelers can be the cause of personal injury which can devastate an individual or a family.

Even in the case of bike accidents that don’t result in permanent brain injuries or death, someone who suffers a severe bike accident is unlikely to be able to go straight back to work. This can mean a lot of lost income, which can devastate them or their families. They might be unable to ever return to the job that they used to have; there are costs for more education or job retraining that will have to be accounted for when they change careers. Couple these facts together, and the victim of negligence leading to personal injury through a bicycle accident has the odds stacked against them. Getting the representation and compensation they deserve is the first step towards getting their life back on two wheels.