Animal Attack

For most people “animal attack” means dog bite. Dogs are very potentially dangerous animals, but it’s very common for them to be kept in poorly fenced yards or allowed to roam freely. They might be man’s best friend, but in certain situations they can be unruly and impossible to control—and thus man’s greatest enemy.

The complications from a dog bite are many. In the event that someone survives the attack, there could be a lot of work that goes into making a full recovery. Dogs have power jaws and sharp teeth that were made for cutting flesh and hamstringing their prey. Torn muscles, broken ligaments, and bruised, fractured, or damaged bones are very common results of a dog attack. These wounds are prone to infection, and are often found on very visible areas of the body, such as the hands, arms, face, and neck. Long term results of a dog attack could be plastic surgery to help reduce the scaring or reconstructive surgey to repair torn ligaments and muscles. It’s not something to be taken lightly.

The size of the dog doesn’t matter. Chihuahua attacks land more people in the hospital than pit bulls, thanks to the smaller dog’s perfect ability to tear into your hamstring and bring you down. Etobicoke injury lawyers can help the courts see that your attack is a serious matter whether the dog that bit you was big or small, a repeat offender or a first time aggressor, or wore a chain collar or a satin ribbon.

Additionally, many of the victims of a dog attack are children. This is due to a combination of factors. From their innocence and childish love, they expect dogs to be friendly. For those who haven’t had much experience with dogs yet, they could misread the signs that a dog is uncomfortable or nearing the attacking stage. Worst of all, their short stature means that any dog bites sustained are more likely to be taken on the head, face, and neck. Death is more common in child victims of animal attack, and even those who survive are facing a lot of time in recovery—and potentially a lifetime of mental agony.

As a personal injury law firm in Etobicoke we take our mission to exact justice and provide compensation for all animal attacks. Though it’s not as common, any animal that could be negligently left unfenced or uncontrolled and provides injury can be subject to an animal attack case.