3 Slip and Fall Injuries You May Have and Not Know It

Slip and fall accidents can happen quite often in an area like Etobicoke, where there is an average of 122 centimeters of snow each year. Winters are often harsh, and the infrastructure in some parts of the city can make things dangerously slippery. You might have a slip and fall accident that you walk away from without an obvious scratch, but you could still be injured quite badly. If this happens, you will obviously need medical attention, but also the help of one of the finest personal injury lawyers Etobicoke has to offer. These are some of the injuries you could wind up with that you don’t even notice.

A Neck Injury

Neck injuries are quite common in slip and fall accidents. You can strain or pull a muscle in your neck, and that can lead to long-lasting physical effects. This is the type of thing that can haunt you for months. If you have a slip and fall and feel any kind of pain afterwards, contacting a personal injury lawyer in Etobicoke is your best bet. It’s not something to mess around with.

A Bad Muscle Injury or Pinched Nerve

When you fall unexpectedly, you can wind up with a bad pinched nerve or muscle strain injury. These injuries can reduce mobility and make day to day life difficult. It can even keep you from working normally – which is when an injury lawyer in Etobicoke will come in handy. If you’re losing wages, you need to file a claim.

A Fracture

Fractures are usually quite serious, but sometimes you might not even notice them. Hairline fractures can cause major problems later on in life, so if you slip and fall, you need to get medical attention no matter what. It’s not worth risking a serious injury later in life.